Check out these awesome 5 Staging tips from Famous Hotels


Convey a “Welcome” feeling as you enter your home, the same you have probably experienced in luxury hotels. Most will have beautiful fresh cut flowers, nice lighting, and soft music as you enter their lobby.
You only have one chance at a first impression, those few seconds are critical.  


De-clutter your home and only leave a few pieces that evoke a peaceful feeling.
Groupings of items are best if kept at, 3 or 5 items the most on any surface
My rule is only one carpet per room
Personal pictures are ok but only one or two -maybe-


Spend some $ in plush bedding
The bedroom should be an oasis
The idea is to make the prospective buyer feel this is the place they would want to come and relax after a long day at work.

Plush Towels

Your bathroom should continue the oasis feeling you achieved in the bedroom.
Bring in some plush towels and high- end perfumes/scents to the bathroom
Very important


Nothing says Welcome better than light and brightness
If you do not have large windows that bring in natural light, then add large mirrors where you have dark spots
Always keep the shades UP and Lights on while showing, if you have spaces that feel darker than others
I love how these large mirrors reflect the light of the chandeliers