Buying a house in Alexandria – Step Six

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By now you are working with a great realtor and looking at homes targeted to your requirements.  I always recommend attending open houses with your trusted Realtor.  Remember that you NEED to let the AGENT holding the Open House know that you ARE already working with an Agent. That is not only the professional etiquette (appreciated by both your Agent and the Seller’s Agent) but also one of your commitments when you signed the buyer/broker agreement.

The best calling card if you visit open houses independent of your agent is to hand your agents business card to the open house agent.  This approach ensures the open house agent has clear contact information that may be required to follow-up on your interest and potential questions concerning their open house.

You DO NOT need to complete all the information on the Sign UP sheet, Just your Name and your Agents name will be sufficient.

If there are other potential buyers looking at the open house your attending, try and listen to what they are commenting on and the questions they are asking.  This Information is something you and your agent will discuss and act on if necessary – it may be the difference between getting a house you love or ending up with a missed opportunity.

If you REALLY Really like this house, and are adventurous, do a little bit more research by wandering the neighborhood. Talk to any neighbors you see on the block, tell them you are interested in potentially buying  on their street and ask  if they know anything interesting they’d like to share to help your buying decision. You will be surprised at what people share if you ask them!  Also, come back to the neighborhood on different days and at different times of the day and night. Are you still interested?

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