Buying a house in Alexandria – Step Three

Be prepared to sign the required buyer/broker agreement

From Buying a house in Alexandria – Overview

You may be wondering, is it really necessary to sign an agreement with a real estate agent to buy a house in Alexandria? The answer is YES, it is required by Virginia law.  As the image from a publication by NAR (National Association of Realtors) on this post indicates.  Just send me a note and I’ll provide you a copy of the most current one for your review.

A Realtor will definitely help guide you through the complexities of buying (or selling) a property. Not two cases are alike and legal issues are encountered at each step of the way, not to mention, changes to real estate and mortgage regulations.  You want someone on you side that maintains awareness of all the “gotchas” and “should knows” of buying and selling real estate – I will help you throughout the entire process.

Realtors do much more than show houses – the reality is that we do A LOT more, although showing properties is the fun part.

You may be wondering – What if I do not like the Realtor I have, or our personalities just don’t click? or maybe you feel the realtor is just not understanding what I want?

The answer to this one is easy. The agreement can be made for ONE DAY or may be for just to see ONE HOUSE. Realtors prefer to have an agreement signed for at least 3 months to start, and if you’re not satisfied, you can always have it shortened.

Another option If you later decide that the Realtor is not a good fit is to CANCEL the agreement – always get these changes in writing

An agreement helps both sides, you and your Realtor, understand each party’s responsibilities and avoids confusion.

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