Buying a house in Alexandria – Step Two

If you are buying a house your FIRST TASK is to find the best real estate Agent

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You  might be tempted to go with the one that advertises money back for the same type of work, just remember the old adage “YOU GET what you PAY FOR” and there are “NO FREE LUNCHES”.   Would you trust an agent to give you their undivided attention with one of the most important decisions of your life when their main advertising gimmick is “we give you a discount” when it should be, “We will work to get you the best terms and net you the most money”???  Hmmm , You should ask yourself what type of service will they actually deliver …

With so much information on the internet it is understandable to believe you can find all relevant and current information yourself. Before becoming a real estate agent I did not understand what the job entailed and thought real estate agents only showed houses and put together contracts. If I thought that way I can only image a lot of people probably still think the same way. Was I wrong!

A simple one on one, face to face meeting with an agent will save you SOOO much time. In our initial interview we can find out exactly what you are looking for and give you possible areas that might fit your criteria, we can help you consider lending options and guide you with overall planning. The truth is, you DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW. A short series of questions will not only help your agent target areas and features but will help you as well by answering all those nagging questions you might have had or didn’t even know you needed to ask.

A checklist of things to look for in the best agent for you when you are BUYING:
• What is the agent’s reputation? Check testimonials and their online presence. What does their website look like? do they have a Facebook business page? are they on Twitter or any other social media venue?
• How long has she lived in the area? Does she provide customized market reports for those zip codes?
• Has she asked you to meet and review your goals?
• Has the agent taken the time to explain the entire buying/selling process from beginning to end?
• Has the agent answered all your questions to YOUR SATISFACTION?

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