Buying a house in Alexandria – Overview

Steps for buying a house in Alexandria

If this is your first time buying a house in Alexandria you probably have LOTS of questions regarding the buying process…. And you should

With so much information on the internet you probably feel you can find out everything there is to know.

The tricky part is How do you know what you are reading applies to your particular situation.? put together these fun and informative video showing the broader steps when buying a home. There’s obviously a lot of other things you should be aware of as well.

Following is my attempt to fill in at least some of the blanks. Better yet get representation from a full-time REALTOR®

A full-time real estate agent can guide you through the entire process plus he or she will know your specific situation at all time and will look for and understand your wish list as well.

  • Congratulations you are a HOME OWNER !!!


Knowing when you are ready

Mortgage lending 101

The Search

The Offer

The Sale

Looking for your Dream Home

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If you’re looking to sell your luxury home in Old Town Alexandria VA, your luxury condominium in Arlington VA or your luxury mansion in Washington DC you’ve come to the right place!.I am a full time real estate professional in VA, DC and MD that will market your home with the latest technology and proven systems and help you net the most money in the least amount of time. I am a Certified Luxury Home Specialist member of the Institute for home luxury marketing.

If you are looking to buy a Luxury home in Old Town Alexandria, a luxury townhouse in Arlington, or a luxury home in Washington DC, Give me a call at 202-681-1621. With a background in Architecture I can find the perfect home for you in the least amount of time. I am aware of my clients' busy schedules.
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