We can smell the Potomac Yard Metro Station now!

Potomac Yard Metro Station, finally! The City of Alexandria receives a $50 million State loan to start building the most expected Metro Rail Station in the area. The Potomac Yard Metro Station is finally a few steps away. Well, not really, but close though, very close, so close we can smell it.

After a long wait and many – many –  studies we are down to two feasible options. Alexandria residents or should I say specifically residents of Potomac Yard have been waiting for this station to take shape for a couple of years now.

The project has gone through several feasibility studies including opposition from some residents as well. The Potomac Yard Metro station will be located between the Braddock Metro Station and the Ronald Reagan National Airport Metro Station along the Yellow and the Blue existing Metro lines.

The projected cost of the Potomac Yard Metro station is $260 Million dollars. The City of Alexandria is planning to fund this project with proceeds from new taxes collected from new development along the Jefferson Davis corridor and the “New Destination the Potomac Yard Corridor” plus tax districts already underway and federal money from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority. This is a booming and “hot” area now.

This project will bring thousands of new jobs to the area and will alleviate congestion providing easy transportation to the thriving population of residents in the Potomac Yard neighborhood.

The City is planning to choose from one of the options by Spring 2015. The schedule calls for the Potomac Yard Metro Station to be completed by the end of 2018.


If you are reading this post in 2018, you know this did not happen. Unfortunately but not a surprise, the budget increased and there’s now as of this writing (end of 2018) a group that is looking at ways to reduce the construction budget of the proposed design. We are hoping this now will be done quicker. Keep your fingers crossed.

Can’t wait! Looking forward to it.  Alexandria VA Real Estate Agent and resident

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