Did you try to sell your home but were unsuccessful ? and Expired ?

Did your home Expired from the market? Or maybe a friend had the same issue. Here are several reasons why a house “doesn’t sell”

Waiting for time1 – TIMING: The real estate market, like the stock market fluctuates, supply and demand, seasonality etc. Timing is crucial. You never know when a buyer for your home will present themselves, but on average there are good times and better times to present your home for sale. Your REALTOR receives monthly reports showing current and anticipated market conditions – this kind of information can give you an edge, but there is an even better approach – Trending. Knowing how the market is “trending” on a weekly basis you are able to see when the market is starting on the “upswing”, sometimes several weeks before it happens.  Without this  piece of information, you will be at the mercy of guessing in the blind “is the BEST time”?

As mentioned earlier, some times are better than others for selling.  Sure, if you are compelled  to move for work-related reasons or similar constraints, then you have to make the best of the situation. In other instances, you might be able to time your sale to take advantage of a better timeframe.  If you can “wait” then the process of listing your home should start at an agreed to optimum moment.  By waiting for you can avoid the “dreaded” Days on the Market syndrome.  If you house sits on the market for Too many Days on the Market then it will make prospective buyers wonder what’s “wrong” with your home.  WATCH PREVIOUS VIDEO showing the weekly “trending” charts I referred to earlier. Remember – Timing is everything.

Presenthouse copy2 –MARKETING:  Large companies spend a lot of money on marketing because it is  effective. How you present a product will determine how fast it will sell and, more importantly,  at a much higher price. Having reviewed articles over the years which address how the perception of  product’s value is as important in buyers (or observers) minds, separate from the product’s actual value. This is intriguing as well as incredibly useful information. Applying these basic rules of marketing ensure you get the fastest offers at the highest prices. READ MORE

HandingMoney3 – PRICE: Yes, I know this is obvious.  Starting at a higher (incorrect) price “just to try ” does not work – period! This approach will add days to “Days of the Market”, and as discussed above, create a bad perception of your home, also if your neighbors house is also for sale, this approach will help sell their house faster.
Selling faster and at a higher price is not a science, but instead it is about applying a series of techniques that when executed at the right time combine to benefit you. Choose an agent that is savvy in market data, marketing and pricing and can demonstrate to you that he/she understands the importance of timing and can demonstrate (with weekly data) when the “best time” to sell has arrived. READ MORE

Don’t leave your sale to Luck, I can market and sell your home at the right time, the fastest, for the highest price.

Please contact me if you have additional questions, I am happy to discuss my proven pricing and marketing approaches with you. 703 472 5439

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