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Thinking about selling in the near Future?

One of the most important and hardest part things about selling is determining the price of your home. This along with a marketing package will determine whether you will sell your home for the most money while in the least amount of time. 

In an ever changing real estate Market knowing this information is crucial.

Nowadays with so much information on the internet, you easily find the estimated home values provided by Zillow and other similar websites, but those to their own account -read the fine print- are not accurate and in some cases are up to 8% (up or down) OFF! Would base an important decision on an estimate  that could be so way off? 

If you are just curious for now and you are interested in just a VALUE RANGE of the estimated resale value of your home, just simply enter the address on this FREE TOOL and report on the right and we will provide you with that right away. This TOOL works in several areas like Old Town Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, Alexandria VA, Washington DC, Mc Lean Virginia, Fairfax VA, Burke VA, Chevy Chase MD and many others.

Once you are closer to making a decision come back again and re-check as values change based on SOLD property information updated daily on the MLS. Also, check on my WEEKLY market updates, that is an actual measure of what the Market is behaving and will give you an idea of new Market Trends. You can listen to PODCASTS or sign up for my blog so you won’t miss it.

But if you know with a little more certainty that you WILL be moving within a couple of months then I suggest filling out the form on the left for an In-Depth property evaluation. This literally should not take more than 20 m of your time, and include just a quick visit to see the condition of the house but most importantly my advice on what to do to improve the saleability of your home. 

If you are interested in knowing how much your Alexandria VA home is Worth, or perhaps your home in Arlington VA or Washington DC fill out either form or just CALL/TXT 703-472-5439 or email psharris@kw.com

Get an Accurate Price Estimate