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With all the snow we’ve been having lately the last thing you might be thinking about eating is anything cold.  That might be true unless we’re talking about delicious Gelato, made from scratch daily and located right here in Old Town Alexandria.

I like sweets, and a little cold weather won’t stop me from eating gelato. If you live in Old Town Alexandria you probably know Casa Rosada. If you missed their opening last summer, not to worry, they’re just getting started.

Casa Rosada was established in Old Town Alexandria less than a year ago by Argentine immigrants.  The owners, now American Citizens, remembered the rich flavors and natural ingredients of the gelato they grew up with and were determined to bring those memories to Casa Rosada and to every customer who came through their doors. They make all flavors from scratch, even the base mix, which is typically bought as one size fits all flavors, is formulated for each flavor and the result is nothing short of delicious. Ben – the owner and mixologist, is also a chemist for a major local firm, so each new flavor is mixed multiple times to get the right combination or delicious. Don’t be surprised if, as you’re getting ready to order, you are presented with a sampling spoon and asked to tell them what you think of a soon to be launched new flavor. I like these type of surprises.

I created this video showing the short version of the process. Casa Rosada is open daily. Living in Old Town Alexandria is full of surprises. In addition to single serve, pints, and quarts of Gelato, Casa Rosada blends sorbets and Gelato-cakes as well.  Your options are varied for taking home, or eating in, your favorite frozen treats.  Please remember to call ahead 703 349-1001 to order the Gelato-cakes.

Casa Rosada is located at 111 S Payne St, a block south on Payne off King Street, right across Payne from my other favorite, La Fromagerie.

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