Living in Old Town Alexandria – Dora Kelley Nature Center

If you haven’t been to the Dora Kelley Nature Center in Alexandria you’re missing one of Alexandria’s gems.

Alexandria is full of surprises. From the high-end restaurants and boutiques to outdoor events and activities and the Dora Kelley Nature Center is one of those great surprises.  The center has many crawling and climbing creatures offering lots of learning opportunities for children of all ages, including Adults!

Parents who are looking for new activities for their kids will find them at the center.

I too did not know the Dora Kelley Nature Center in Alexandria existed up until a few months ago.  We decided to visit for the first time when a friend from out of town stayed for a weekend with his two young girls.

They thoroughly enjoyed the interactive experience.  They got to pet, handle and feed many of the animals and loved every minute of the tour! they talking about the experience for hours even after we left. What great memories for them!

The staff is remarkable, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. If you want to take the experience to the next level the center offers volunteer opportunities and you can become the expert on all the indigenous species living at the center.

Take a look at this short video with more information from location to hours of operation

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