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Living in Old Town Alexandria has many perks and one is you don’t need to fly to Paris to eat great French food.   La Fromagerie is a wonderful French bistro that captures the ambiance and flavors of Paris.  Not only the food and atmosphere but also Chef/Owner Sebastien Tavel, make you feel that you’re back in the City of Light. La Fromagerie is definitely one of my favorite eats in Old Town Alexandria.

Chef Tavel opened his bistro several years ago selling local and regional artisan cheeses and excellent wines, I remember making this video of him several years ago. He trained in Paris, but his dream was to have his own establishment, La Fromagerie is one of the best Good Eats places in Old Town Alexandria – Bistro style.

Chef Tavel adheres to a seasonal menu driven by what he finds at the local markets and throughout his supply chain. I wouldn’t try to steer you to a best or favorite dish, to me they’re all tasty (I’ve tried them all) but I will say, during the winter months I find myself going back to the parsnip soup, always warming and delicious and my husband tends to the sandwiches, veggie or meat.

The store layout is changing. Chef Tavel will be adding a bar where the cheese refrigerator is now, the office space will be taken for a more extensive kitchen, and the dining room will expand.   Outdoor seating is still on the wish list, but current  Alexandria City ordinances make that a tougher task at this time – too bad because, after this winter, outdoor summer seating would have been most welcome.

La Fromagerie at 1222 King Street, at the corner of King and Payne, is walking distance to King Street Metro. When we first moved to the area, about 20 years ago not much was going on the west side of Old Town Alexandria. The commercial area of the City has expanded west and we are happily enjoying the results. La Fromagerie is a gem in Old Town Alexandria and a welcome addition to the many eating options.

I will be updating this post once the renovation is done.

Well it is done now and it looks fantastic

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