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Like finding a great hairdresser, one of the hard things about moving from another location is finding the “right” vendors and professionals, those great individuals that help you and assist you in so many ways. Many of whom you probably did not appreciate or did not think much of. You just picked up the phone, showed up or made an appointment and bingo, presto! done!, no thinking, you knew where to go.

Finding a good doctor, a pediatrician or looking for a great cleaning company, could be exhausting, but which one is the hardest? You guessed it a hairdresser. Most of us feel very strongly about the way our hair looks, it is personal -very personal- it shows your personality, many times your age.

It says, Hi there, I am carefree and young! OR  Hello, I am a professional! The hairdresser can make you feel that way, isn’t that amazing!

If you ask my opinion I will tell you the best one is M.H.Hair. Not only because she is my sister, but Marcela has been a hairdresser or (hairstylist) for over a decade. Working at ColorWorks in Pentagon Row. She recently opened her own studio across from the Patent and Trade building in Alexandria. She is American Board Certified Colorist (not too many hold the designation) and the products she uses are simply the best, you will notice the difference right away. You can book your appointment online. Tell her I say Hi!

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