Luxury appliance – Wolf cook top modules

So much to like about the new Wolf cooktop modules in the luxury appliance category for your luxury home. Wish I had this opportunity when designing my own kitchen. The options are endless. It is based on the basic principle that not all chefs are created equal. If you were designing your luxury kitchen in your luxury home, would you have a standard range or a luxury appliance or component that is unique to your lifestyle?

I know the answer to that.
All cooktops come in 15″ increments you can have as many burners as you wish or combine those with other features. Like grills, works or any others that you normally use. I love them. Do not see this going mainstream as the more specialized it is the less market you find for the wide overall population.
If you are planning to sell your house right away then I would probably stick to a standard range. My take on the luxury appliance Wolf cooktop modules is for the luxury home with more than just one kitchen. These Wolf cooktop modules can easily be included on a separate section of the kitchen or even in a butler’s kitchen along with the freezer or refrigerator columns that are the new trend in luxury homes today.

For more information contact the manufacturer. Or for “free” ideas on how to improve your kitchen design call me at 202-681-1621 with over 20 years experience as an architect and as a full real estate agent with the luxury division of Keller Williams i can provided you with consultation on how to make your home more mark-eatable and sell it for the most money in the least amount of time


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