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With so many choices for appliances, which ones are the luxury appliances that are the most thought after these days? La Cornue comes to mind

This is one of my videos in my Luxury Series, if you are planning to move or renovate your kitchen for your luxury home in Alexandria then one might start looking at appliances. I went on my search for the unique ones and found La Cornue at Appliance Distributors Unlimited in Chantilly.

One of the most thought after and unique ranges. This gorgeous piece of equipment is fabricated in France by hand to your specifications. Don’t expect this fabulous range to show up at your doorsteps the next day, it takes several months to fabricate, best to prepare you will need this information to coordinate with all the other finishes in your fabulous kitchen. When it comes to luxury appliances, La Cornue is probably the best.

I have not seen this range in any of the houses for sale in Old town Alexandria, though I am sure one or two houses might have it. If you do, I would love to take a look at what you have done. But if you are still searching, watch this very short video showing generic information about La Cornue range, you can always call the distributor for more information, his contact information is on the video itself.

When it comes to luxury appliances, La Cornue is definitely the best one. Of course, there are others that match in luxury feel and performance. I will be posting as I go along and find those for you. Check my other videos in the Luxury Series in my

Luxury Series on my youtube channel.

Are you planning to buy a luxury home in Old Town Alexandria? Here is a list of the best properties available today.  Call me if you want to discuss the purchase of any of these great homes

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