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When it comes to luxury appliances, Wolf refrigerators have always been at the forefront of others. I am always amazed at the trends and how things evolve and change. One of them is the way we cook and store the produce we buy. The concept of the bundle and efficiently store items is certainly not new and more readily available in Europe, the good news is this concept has now reached our coast, in the form of a luxury appliance manufactured by Wolf.  The Freezer (hardly used) has always been right next to the refrigerator, there are obvious reasons like common sense for this to be this way, like having only one unit rather than two, but the truth to the matter is the freezer is not used every day and therefore the location need not be right where most of the cooking and preparation action takes place on a daily basis. When it comes to luxury appliances in luxury properties new trends are for the most part followed.

The concept of having this stand-alone unit was born in the form of what they are called Column refrigerators with widths varying from 18″ to 36″. These can easily be located in different locations as the user see fit, mainly out of the way like for instance a Pantry area rather than the kitchen itself. I believe this is something that will certainly make the flow a lot more efficient

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