Luxury is in the Details of luxury homes in Old Town Alexandria

Luxury is in the Details

What is it about Luxury homes in Old Town Alexandria that make them special?

There is the price per square foot, driven by amenities and location. But what else makes a Luxury home in Old Town Alexandria special? The details, of course, yet another component that makes a luxury home in Old Town Alexandria feel luxurious are those exquisite details in materials, design, and workmanship.

Details that can only be achieved by architects, contractors, and carpenters willing to design and build with the attention and focus required for those luxury homes.

Look at those floors, are they solid or engineered wood? Are the tiles ceramic or porcelain? What type of carpet and padding were installed? How about the millwork, are they custom or off the shelf?

Which brings me to today’s discovery. I couldn’t help it but stop and take a look at this beautiful millwork screen with piano hinges, built to cover a television above a fireplace in the family room.  The designer used antique leaf samplings which were individually framed and all as a unit combined into a larger canvas and mounted in a custom millwork screen.  So well crafted, opening and closing seamlessly. These are the details that catch my eye while searching for luxury properties for my clients who are looking in Old Town Alexandria. The remainder of the house was beautifully decorated as well showing the high level of care the owners put into their luxury home in Old Town Alexandria. Love to hunt for beautiful things for my clients. Broker’s open on Tuesdays are the best!

The look and feel of the home, from its luxury decorations to custom millwork and cabinetry is the definition of Old Town Alexandria charm. I know my clients would love to live here. This house is perfect for their family. I better call them now!

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