Market Trends in Old Tow Alexandria for properties under $1Million

Wouldn’t it be useful to know real estate market trends on a weekly rather than monthly basis?

Watch the video of my weekly market update for properties selling for under $1M in the 22314 zip code, which is Old Town Alexandria VA.

I have been tracking this information weekly for over a year now. Every Tuesday I update my spreadsheet with the previous weeks total active listings, under contract, expired and sold property values.

In doing so I am able to see the trends in this particular market, for this price bracket.

Active and under contract values can not be extracted later from the MLS, as there is no way for the MLS to record those values at a specific time.

General market information comes up on the 10th of every month and shows last month’s information, which could be considered  obsolete in some cases. By updating this information weekly you can clearly see the trends as they happen.

I like to provide my sellers (and also buyers) with this information enabling them to make the most informed decision about the best time to sell (or buy).   You can see in this graph there was a dip in written contracts in September, but without weekly trending, you would have seen this September data in October, where it would have shown (on average) that written contracts had  this chart would have shown you that during the month of  October written contracts had increased .

If you are planning to sell your luxury home in Old Town Alexandria GIVE ME A CALL, I will be happy to share this information and give you the tools necessary to make a wise and informed decision.

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