Oakville Triangle February 26th Meeting

I attended this meeting as a member of the Advisory Group for Potomac Yard. I have uploaded the meeting handouts to this Dropbox folder.

It was a long and overall productive meeting.

The agenda called for  “finalizing” both the direction of the Land Use Proposed Plan and the proposed Building Heights for the Oakville Triangle and adjacent areas. The City wanted to close this chapter and move onto the next issues to include proposed architecture, retail components, community benefits and developer contributions among others which will be scheduled in the coming months.

The City shared data on the amount of square footage currently allocated as Industrial Zone as it compares to adjacent Counties around Alexandria. The City feels there is a need to keep this Industrial Zone even though to their own accounts it currently shows an 11% vacancy rate. You can see the suggested areas allocated for this use on the Land Plan, these areas are shown with a black dark dashed line and will be designated as light “industrial use” they are calling it (jobs-making-fixing) uses.

The proposed Building Heights are shown on the building heights plan. Overall the intent is to keep the higher buildings along route one, with some “towers” at the center of the triangle. The two main and highest buildings will be the future office building and hotel at the intersection of Route One and Swan.

There was also extensive talk about green and open spaces. The City feels there will be a lot more green/open space in this area including the green roofs that are being proposed in the development.

The community in general is concerned obviously about parking spaces or lack thereof at least on the Del Ray side. The City will take this in consideration and make sure the new development accomodates for plenty of parking for the uses that are proposed.

We were asked to give our opinion on all of these issues. The consenses from all of us was that the plan was going in the the right direction but with the following caveats:

1- The designated light industrial zone should be more of a “flexible zone” were it could be used either as industrial OR residential/retail. We do not want to see vacant spaces, preferring to let Market Forces decide what the best use will be, especially considering the high vacancy rate at this point in time.

2- The proposed heights for the two buildings at Route One and Glebe should be reduced somehow, they both feel towering considering the width of the street.

By necessity I’ve presented the short version of what transpired at the meeting. If you would like more detailed information, feel free to call (703-472-5439) or email and I’d be glad to discuss.

Bellow I also included a Slider with pictures of all floor plans and renderings from the Architect

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