Oakville Triangle – Meeting June 1st

Another meeting down and one more to go. This most recent meeting focused mainly on transportation studies and developer contributions, and included a brief update on a Retail Study the developer has done related to the topic of retail absorption for the area ( see last slides )

Most of the developer contributions were determined and established a while back and benefit predominantly the Oakville Triangle development and Del Ray residents. The major budget line item that the City would like the developer to contribute to is burying the  overhead power lines.  As you can see in the slides, the extent of this work will be right in front of Oakville Triangle with future power lines outside the development scheduled to be buried in a staggered fashion over, up to 20 years.

The Second most desired contribution expected by the City is Affordable housing. There was no word as to how much, where or when.

The third, but not less important contribution, is the re-development of the Mt Jefferson park and dog park that is adjacent to the Oakville Triangle.

The list goes on with another park on the north end and other small ticket items.

Of course, so far, the Developer is not contributing to the new Potomac Yard Metro Stop even though the entire development (residents and business) will clearly benefit from it. One could go as far as to say that the planned location was chosen because the Metro Stop was planned close by.

As a Potomac Yard representative for the advisory group I voiced our neighbor hood concern that there were no visible or tangible benefits given to our community and as residents we, so far, are  being charged with the bill for the new Metro stop even though for at least 3/4 of those residents the Metro is clearly not a benefit (Braddock station just as close). Standby for more for details concerning the Tier II Special Tax District.

When asked, the developer said their time line to complete the entire development is planned for 2020, which roughly coincides with the opening of the Potomac Yard Metro stop as well.

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