Staging tips. Number One. Focus on the details.

Staging tips

Number One. Focus on the details.

I am going a limb and calling this a staging tip though probably it is more of an exercise to focus on the details when selling your luxury home. In my many years in the design world one thing stands out from any others and that is “details”. When you hear the word “detail” you immediately think of a minuscule part or small element to be looked at. According to the dictionary, a Detail is a) a small part of something or b) the small parts of something, Fascinating isn’t it?.  Let’s start then with the larger picture and focus on the “small parts of this -something”.

One of the staging tips that I like the most is using the trick implemented by photographers where they hold both their hands straight up in front of you, creating a rectangle by touching their right thumb with their left index finger and their left thumb with their left index finger in the form of a rectangle framing a scene. I prefer my “free homemade tool” which consists of an 11×17 cardboard piece that has a cut out in the middle in the form o a picture frame. I hold it up straight in front of me looking at a room and helps me and my clients notice all the details clearly, thus focusing on the details. I find this staging tip to be very useful, it is the first step and thus my Staging tip number one for your luxury home. Once you do this, you start looking at that scene with a lot more intensity and notice things that you probably would not notice otherwise.

It helps my clients too! Try it! Make your own cardboard frame and look at any of your rooms, let’s say the kitchen through this “frame” as if you were going to take a picture.

What do you see? If that was a picture on a website, do you think it would convey how beautiful your kitchen is to a buyer?.

Staging is more of a “make belief” exercise. Not everyone can sustain a life of perfection all the time every day. But when you are selling your house you need to convey the image of what It Could be.

So part of my Staging tips series. Create a “frame like” tool to start focusing on your house. That will help you with my Second Tip – coming up.

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