Trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable describe Patricia Harris

Trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, patient, and responsive describe Patricia Harris. As first time home buyers, my wife and I came to rely heavily on these traits as we purchased a condominium in Alexandria, and looked to Patricia to help us do it from overseas. Although we did extensive research on the home buying process, it was imperative and very comforting to have Patricia guide and hold our hands through the process. One of the most impressive qualities about Patricia is her responsiveness, even during weekends and off-hours. After providing our preferences, we were impressed at how quickly she began finding options that were what we wanted. A complicating factor was the fact we lived overseas; however, Patricia worked extremely well with us and was great about filming several units to give us a better idea, and being frank with us if she felt it didn't meet our needs.
Orlando Velasquez
We appreciated her soft honesty and expert opinion as it allowed us to make informed decisions. Once we came across our lovely condo, we conveyed our excitement and strong interest to Patricia. Understanding how unique this property was, she aggressively pursued it and rushed over (on a Sunday no less) with a snow storm barreling down on Washington. She filmed it, uploaded it, and discussed it with us all within in a few hours of expressing interest. I know everyone feels the same, but we lucked out and found a really great condo with a lot of natural light, wood floors, fire place, and distant view of the Washington Monument. We worked closely with her via Skype and countless emails as she guided us through the negotiation, title company, and lender process. Patricia even negotiated additional concessions from the seller's agent. Ironically, the property management company and a $125 fee became a major sticking point for property documents since we were overseas and couldn't write a check. After days of battling between the property company, lender, and us, Patricia stepped in, wrote the check on her own, and personally delivered it the management company accomplishing the equivalent of a planetary alignment. We of course paid her back, but this would have become a huge problem if not for Patricia. We are now the owners of a designer condominium and couldn't be happier. Patricia's market knowledge of the area was critical and her patience with countless emails and phone calls was greatly appreciated. We never felt as if we were asking a stupid question. Patricia's interpersonal and communication skills are excellent, and we consider ourselves very fortunate, as first time home buyers, that we came across Patricia. Patricia Harris genuinely cares about her clients, which we independently confirmed with others through this whole process, and it shows
Patricia Harris Realtor®
Trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, patient, and responsive describe Patricia Harris.