Transportation in Alexandria, from Planes, trains and automobiles

Talk about transportation in Alexandria, from Planes, Trains and Automobiles – wait! there is more, Boats too.!

Transportation in Alexandria is fairly easy, first we have our integrated Washington DC Metro System  with a terrific grid of 6 lines ( Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Orange and the new added Silver Line) that can take you all around town connecting Alexandria, Arlington, Washington DC including parts of Maryland and soon Dulles Airport.

If you searching for transportation in Alexandria you will notice that our Metro stations are above ground those stations are King Street Metro and Braddock Metro Station, both servicing the Yellow and Blue metro lines. Most of the Metro System runs below ground, these two are above ground. I am sure there were very good reasons for doing it that way, though in the winter with heavy snow storms we might have some closings due to snow piling up, not a big issue and it does not happen often.

When looking for transportation in Alexandria we also have several bus lines services by the Alexandria Transit Company DASH. These are very nice comfortable buses that run within the city and extend to connect to other Metro stations.

The Alexandria Transit Company also administers our famous Trolley which runs east-west along King Street from the waterfront to King Street metro daily and it is FREE! running every 15 with several stops along the way another means of transportation in Alexandria, where would you find a freeway anywhere else 🙂

As if this was not enough the City in conjunction with WMATA and Arlington started our own Metroway, with a limited route from Braddock Metro to Crystal City Metro. This line started August 24 of 2014 with new top of the line busses which have a dedicated lane along Route 1 and other dedicated routes which are now being built on the Arlington side. The purpose of this line to to capture riders along this highly residential corridor and take them to the next Metro Station, with a scheduled fast service for everyone’s convenience.

The Alexandria transit store which is located across from King St Metro sells DASH, Metro and VRE pass and the useful SmartTrip Cards as well. You can get information on the different SHARE options like Bike, Car, and Carpooling, They also have great Maps

We have also ZipCars which can be provided by the hour or day. The City also can reimburse you (as a resident) for their initial carshare application fee and the first year’s membership fee throug the Carshare Alexandria program

Did I mention walking? Alexandria is also recognized as a very walkable City, not only because of the City layout with short blocks but also its rich tradition of smart urban design. It encourages active living by connecting the extensive park and trail systems.

What is exciting is though is that very soon we will ad to the transportation in Alexandria with a new Metro Stop at Potomac Yard, which is great news for the Potomac Yard development.

Remember I mentioned boats? We have water taxis that are mainly for tourists going from the Alexandria Waterfront to the Washington DC Mall those include now trips to and from National Harbor MD. They only run during the summer months.

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Now if you prefer to exercise and take your own bike to work we have dedicated lanes for bicycles also, with great Bike Trails  along the Potomac River. I remember taking my bike to work in DC along the river, what a relaxing experience. If you are here visiting we have now bike stations connected to Capital Bike Share this company has many locations through out Washington DC, Arlington and many more here in Alexandria, great way to travel back and forth visiting all our great destinations.

The City of Alexandria joined the Capital Bikeshare network in 2012 and has several locations through out the City, you can see users biking around enjoying the City or just to get to the Metro in the morning.

As you can see transportation in Alexandria is a breeze.

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